#88 Michael Knight – Leaving Town

Michael Knight - Youth Is Wasted On The Young

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Talking cars eh, what will TV have us believing next? That in the technological awash planet of today a planeload of people can still be marooned on a desert island I suppose. Calling your band after a cheesy 1980’s programme is leaving yourself open to ridicule so the best defence is to come up with some pretty good tunes. Thankfully, the Dublin based trio Michael Knight have come up trumps, releasing an unheralded masterpiece with their debut ‘Youth Is Wasted On The Young’. Michael Knight don’t fit into predefined genre, they just let it all flow like an early incarnation of Belle & Sebastian. As they hit the sweet spot Richard Murphy and the female backing singers deduce great walls of heavenly harmonies. There is an innocence to their application that camouflages an uncanny insight into what makes a great pop song. ‘Leaving Town’ is an unbridled delight, one of the songs of 2005 with a Beach Boys instinct for replicating good vibes, speckling the piece with tender pianos and providing a chorus that could fashion cheery bubblegum from dog shit. These are my tips for 2006. KD read more

Michael Knight – Leaving Town

Album: Youth Is Wasted On The Young
Year: 2005
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