#120 Say Hi To Your Mom – Let's Talk About Spaceships

Say Hi To Your Mom are not just your average bedwetters wet dream they’re cutesy charm is often just as appealing to Elbow fans needing a break from the gloom to go all whimsical. Eric Elbogen runs the show and his eager forage for all that is good in tweeness must be applauded. There is certainly a sameness to the songs yet by dipping in every now and then expect to break out in a series case of goosebumps. ‘Let’s Talk About Spaceships’ is a delightful low-key effort that provides acres of jangle, pages of adolescent adventures in love and an example in how to write a fab 3 minute pop song for the 21st century. KD

Say Hi To Your Mom – Let’s Talk About Spaceships

Album: Numbers & Mumbles
Year: 2003
Buy: Numbers & Mumbles

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