#136 Sondre Lerche – Track You Down

A bit of a grower this one. Inoffensive to the point that it could be easily ignored there is a quality beneath the surface that Jack Johnson (am I missing something here?) could only dream about. Lerche comes from the acoustic breeding ground that is Bergen in Norway and is a lifelong A-ha (kudos) fan yet his hushed lullabies sensibly steer clear of the rabid keyboard tendencies of his heroes. His voice is his undoubted trump card, a crystal clear effort that sounds like a hybrid of Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley. ‘Track You Down’ is effortless pop, with understated verse followed by euphoric chorus. The song takes a while to mature, leave it alone for a few weeks and on your return you’ll pick up on the subtleties in Lerche’s vocal intonations that have more emotional impact than all of today’s throwaway troubadours put together. At this point place the song in the yellow folder marked essential songs. KD

Sondre Lerche – Track You Down

Album: Two Way Monologue
Year: 2004
Buy: Two Way Monologue

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