#145 Tall Dwarfs – Pirouette

Chris Know and Alex Bathgate are kooky to say the least. They occasionally bridge the expansive distance between their respective homes in New Zealand to make a record on 8-track. Dispensing with the need to include a drummer theirs is the epitome of the bedroom recording. Together they’re called the Tall Dwarfs and have been on the go since 1981. ‘Pirouette’ is taken from their most lauded LP ‘Weeville’. The song is deliciously lo-fi with the percussion sounding a deathly thud. Guitars scream by as if the Wombles are in control, a singular clip-clop beat furrows the ground as the dual layered vocals plant the harmonious seeds. As far from the definition of what pop music is supposed to be, yet curiously a winning nugget all the same. Drivetime music for odd shaped aliens with galaxy rage.KD

Tall Dwarfs – Pirouette

Album: Weeville
Year: 1990
Buy: Weeville

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