#171 Propaganda – Duel

The piano intro could be the theme from Cheers, you almost expect George Michael’s froppy fringe to hove into view at any minute and there is a certain China Crisis feel to the whole thing. Yep, this is most definitely a product of the eighties yet there is an addictive quality to Claudia Brucken’s distinctive vocals. Getting the words out sounds like it is hurting her but the pain is worth it when the material is this industrious. This situation also helps ram home the message, which has fairly dark undertones. The percussion is typically pedestrian and tinny but this is outweighed by the singers consistent pretty patterned melodies that swoop and soar energetically. Hey clued in indie band, use this in your encore and watch your audiences’ wide-eyed reaction. Just remember to remove the trumpet bit that sounds like an elephant in the throes of having its ivory stolen. KD

Propaganda – Duel

Artist Website: Propaganda On Wikipedia
Album: A Secret Wish
Year: 1985

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