#182 Lene Lovich – Lucky Number

Lene Lovich may have had a curious Eastern European bent in her performances but she was actually born in Detroit. Her debut was released during the punk riot where her sense of theatrics meant she instantly acquired an audience. Her quirkiness also extended to her schizophrenic music. ‘Lucky Number’ was originally released as a b-side but it soon acquired such a fanbase that it was re-recorded and issued in its own right. The first thing that strikes you is the similarity between Lovich and Gwen Stefani vocal histrionics’. Levich cat-calls, screams and blusters her way through the song but it’s never forced. The music is also attractively shambolic, the periodic guitar jangle adds a much needed plateau of accessibility but for the rest of the time it sounds as if the backing group are playing at close quarters in an airing cupboard. KD

Lene Lovich – Lucky Number

More Info: Lene Lovich
Album: [UK] Stateless…Plus [US] Stateless…Plus
Year: 1979

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