#184 Mojave 3 – Big Star Baby (Demo)

Mojave 3 are pretty much polar opposite to the band their main man used to be part of. Slowdive were the leading purveyors of the shoegaze movement sporting blinding torrents of noise and ethereal glimpses of the humanity. Mojave 3 are Slowdive’s more laidback parents, gone are the ravaging soundscapes and in their place sits gently plucked chords and softly delivered vocals with a continuing sprinkling of alt country themes. Slowdive fans could well be horrified but avoidance would be to deny oneself a rare treat. Neil Halstead’s vocals have a neat sense of Americana filtered through Teenage Fanclub’s notebook on how to get away with it without sounding copyist. The track attached is a demo from the bands forthcoming album ‘Puzzles Like You’ which will be out in the early summer. Don’t be put off by the demo tag as this delicate is fully formed and raring to steal your heart. ‘Big Star Baby’ is deliciously sweet and easy on the ear. Its laidback character could well have grown up in the country with Luna and you are free to wrap it in cotton wool until your next picnic. Mojave 3 also boast Simon Rowe from Chapterhouse so Shoegaze fans need not have to wait for the reunion tour in order to gaze adoringly upon their heroes. KD

Mojave 3 – Big Star Baby (Demo)

More Info: Mojave 3
Buy Album: [UK] Spoon and Rafter [US] Spoon and Rafter
Year: 2003

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  1. March 24, 2006

    This is great! Looking forward to the new album. Saw them at Conway Hall last Nov and Neil Halstead was kinda all over the place, and no new material. I did wonder what they were up to, but pleased to hear new stuff is on the way…

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