#256 Pagoda – Tear Down The Tents

Here’s a nice one to send you to sleep tonight. The band are Pagado and they come from Washington DC. Following a direct lineage of Big Star/Apples In Stereo/Yo La Tenga means that ‘Tear Down The Tents’ could be nothing else but a set of goose down pillows for your ears. Ben Licciardi sings like he’s just found the perfect beach and his mates conjure superlative toying riffs that whisk you to his newly found heaven. You can tell the music was put together with love and attention and unless its Christmas Eve and you are a miserly Charles Dickens type character you will return the compliment with interest. Think ‘Anecdote’ by Ambulance LTD with more jangle. The lads are working their way towards having a second LP to show off to the world and you can follow their progress here. KD

Pagoda – Tear Down The Tents

More Info: Pagada
Buy Pagoda’s: Seven Nights EP
Year: 2005

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  1. Anonymous
    April 26, 2006

    Pagoda is also the name of Michael Pitt’s(from the Kurt Cobain movie) band. wacky wacky

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