#263 annemarie – Apple

annemarie come from Java in Indonesia. Now put that in your coffee and drink it. Following in the grand old tradition of a host of tweepop songsters annemarie nicely fill the gap between Camera Obscura records with uninhibited wonders such as ‘Apple’. The band are signed to the Swedish musicismygirlfriend label who seem to be on their way to assembling a roster of artists to match the legendary Sarah records. ‘Apple’ twins the boy and girl vocals with decidedly shiny riffs and the result is 3 and half minutes of warm cutesy sound. Throwaway it might be but forgettable it is not, in fact it’s hard to shake the sound of ‘Apple’ once it appends itself to your innermost. If you can listen to this at least once a day it could do wonders for your medical expenses. KD

annemarie – Apple

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Buy annemarie’s: The Living Model EP
Year: 2005

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