#264 The Late Cord – My Most Meaningful Relationships Are With Dead People

Ah Sunday mornings, don’t you just love them. No other time provides such an unhurried feel, with a full 12 hours stretched out ahead of you with little to do but wonder how great life is. Could really do with something interesting to listen to though. Something meditative, something thoughtful and something that can be rerun in 7 days time. The Late Cord could be the answer to this particular quandary. Consisting of singer Micah P Hinson and John Mark Lapham (The Earlies) they are about to release the ‘Lights From The Wheelhouse’ EP. ‘My Most Meaningful Relationships Are With Dead People’ is one piece of this fragile masterpiece. Characterised by its sparseness, there is nonetheless an overwhelming warmth in the experience. The thumb piano takes centre stage (depicting a Sigur Rosian atmosphere) while Hanson corrals his words with a unique touching soul. The organ drones flit in and out adding to the plush squalor. Makes sense when you find out that the piece was recorded in a dusty basement in a forgotten town in Texas. Never has despair sounded so appealing, by the last chord you’ll feel like taking on the world. KD

The Late Cord – My Most Meaningful Relationships Are With Dead People

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Year: 2006

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