#283 [ingenting] – En Battre Dag

Considering Labrador is a Swedish label it comes as a bit of a surprise to discover that [ingenting] are the first artists on their roster to actually sing in their native tongue. Not that it matters that much as the label normally keeps the life changing lyrics to a minimum concentrating instead on the more attractive melody quotient instead (the way we like it). Ingenting means nothing, except when the Stockholm band use it to promote their delicate harmonies and cascading instrumentation a la ‘En Battre Dag’. This is as precious as the bullion on a sunken 18th century ship so dive in and reap the ample treasures. KD

[ingenting] – En Battre Dag

More Info: [ingenting]
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Year: 2004

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  1. May 8, 2006

    Ironically [Ingenting] are one of the few bands in recent swedish indie who actually seem to care to write meaningful lyrics..They release a new EP this week.. you can browse three songs from their MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/nadazipp .. sounds pretty damn good.

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