#284 The Beta Band – Dry The Rain

With a UK/Ireland tour scheduled and an album (‘Black Gold’) about to hit the shelves King Biscuit Time main man Steve Mason has announced that he is to quit the industry. Mason is best known for his work with the grossly underachieving Beta Band. Despite a back catalogue of wit and a basket of salubrious, if challenging, ditties the Beta Band never hit the big time. Their biggest brush with fame came when ‘Dry The Rain’ was used in the best scene from the overrated (Jack Black aside) ‘High Fidelity’. The overly smug (and frankly detestable) John Cusack character stands behind the counter in his record store and confidently predicts that as soon as the needle hits the groove on his phonograph that he will be fighting off the customers. How he manages to place said needle on the spot where ‘Dry The Rain’ goes supernova is one of life’s sweet mysteries but it is a magical moment none the less. The Beta Band had equally great moments spread throughout their hat-trick of albums but none quite so illuminated their grand horizons. Here’s to Steve’s rapid return. KD

The Beta Band – Dry The Rain

More Info: The Beta Band
Beta or VHS?: [UK] The Three EPs [US] The Three E.P.’s
Year: 1998

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