Antietam – New Parade

And you thought Sonic Youth were the oldest swingers in town. Nope, Antietam have also been around since the mid eighties, taking the odd 10 year break in-between but when time is on your side who cares. Comprised of the husband and wife partnership of Tara Key and Tim Harris and drummer Josh Madell the NYC based band have the mileage on the clock but there is little sign of wear on tear on their current album ‘Victory Park’. ‘New Parade’ is the sound of a band in their prime, a song full of dense theatrics and wandering melodies to spark the imagination. Key sings like she’s encountered the Ghost of Shoegaze whose touching pleas to resurrect the long defunct genre resonated deeply within her. Hard not be taken in by the buried chords, wandering trumpet and a singer who is unquestionably ecstatic about the opportunity to entertain the world. KD

Antietam – New Parade

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Buy Album: [UK] Victory Park [Us Import] [US] Victory Park
Year: 2004

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