Architecture In Helsinki – Maybe You Can Owe Me

There’s a band from Australia called Gerling who have a unique take on quirky melody. They have to date passed under the radar, which is a shame because they’ve given zany pop a credible champion. Melbourne’s Architecture in Helsinki (yeah!) plough a similar furrow but seem destined for greater things. ‘Maybe You Can Owe Me’ is one of the standout tracks from their current album ‘In Case We Die’. The cymbal interplay that opens the song blends perfectly with a light piano riff and beautifully hushed vocals. Topping these events though is a free flowing montage of effervescent noise that periodically pokes its head around the corner. Add in a one-sided love story and the result is Belgium chocolate for your eardrums. KD

Architecture In Helsinki – Maybe You Can Owe Me

Watch The Video For Do The Whirlwind

More Info: Architecture In Helsinki
Buy Album: [UK] In Case We Die [US] In Case We Die
Year: 2005

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