Mclusky – Alan Is A Cowboy Killer

Mclusky was the name of a trio of musicians from Cardiff who broke up sometime last year. Much was made of their Pixiesque sound, a fact that was hardly alleviated by the presence of Steve Albini on many of their releases. The anger coarsing through their material even rivalled the notoriously fuming Nottingham act Six By Seven. Take ‘Alan Is A Cowboy Killer’ for example; a contemporary classic if ever there was one. Lifted from the bands most venerated album ‘Mclusky Do Dallas’ the song veers between brooding menace to venomous meltdown. Andy Falkous is deranged as he delivers his lines at full pelt while the guitars screech like shuttle tyres breaching the runway for the first time. Stick this on for the crowd who can’t contain themselves after several minutes of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. This is magical escapism that’ll affect even the sedate amongst you. Mclusky’s best moments can be found on ‘Mcluskyism’, out now. KD

Mclusky – Alan Is A Cowboy Killer

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Buy Album: [UK] Mcluskyism [US] Mcluskyism
Year: 2006

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