Dry County – Lost Now

Automata and David Holmes may be Ireland’s foremost digital purveyors but Dry County are slowly building a repertoire to challenge them. ‘Lost Now’ is taken from their ‘Nothing Stays In Place’ EP that came out last year and reveals Kevin Littlewood’s drifting vocals over a bed of Kraftworkesque synths. The swirling guitar lines add an extra dimension but the mosaic works wonderfully as a whole. Dry County clearly resemble Sydney’s underrated Gerling collective through the sheer weight of their ambitious idiosyncratic ways. The music boasts plenty of substance and ideas that must be probed before they unveil their riches. Pity then that a casual google search for Dry County returns Bon Jovi’s premier fan site. Expect their debut album before year end may change all that. KD

Dry County – Lost Now

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy EP: Nothing Stays In Place
Year: 2005

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