Mazarin – Another One Goes By

If you’ve fallen for the earthy graces of the Clientele/My Bloody Valentine (I know!) you’ll probably also be a sucker for Philadelphia’s Mazarin. Led by the exotically named Quentin Stoltzfus, Mazarin have just returned from a 10 month tour promoting their 3rd LP ‘We’re Already There’. Heralded as a vessel for transporting squeezable tunes to your ears it seems to have been lost in the cattle crush of material that the internet habitually turns out 24/7. Sometimes it is better to step back and absorb and with ‘We’re Already There’ you better make like a human sponge. ‘Another One Goes Boy’ is a choice cut with its hazy vocals and dreamy holiday time instrumentation. You can almost picture the band recording this as they slowly swayed in time dressed only in hula skirts, not concerned with choosing the wrong chords just playing music to suit their sunny dispositions. KD

Mazarin – Another One Goes By

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] We’re Already There [US] We’re Already There
Year: 2005

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