Rotary Ten – Advancing

Rotary Ten proclaim that ‘Lincoln is our heart, Sheffield is our limbs, and the A57 is our pulmonary artery’. As James Trafford is their singer does that mean that Manchester is their vocal chords? Enough with such idle speculation and on with the incendiary music that Rotary Ten produce. Well it certainly has its eye trained on U2 circa ‘Boy’ (at least musically) with the inevitable Joy Division nod also drifting through on occasion. ‘Advancing’ is a rip-roaring effort, jammed full of bubbly guitar lines, punishing percussion and Trafford’s full-blooded delivery. Along the way you’ll find chords that twinkle like stars and even the odd glockenspiel intermission. Rotary Ten’s efforts haven’t gone unnoticed either with the German based Firestation Records already including them on a compilation of British artists which also includes the Lodger and the Pipettes. KD

Rotary Ten – Advancing

More Info: Rotary Ten
Year: 2006

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