Human Television – In Front Of The House

I’m not sure guitars have been jangled this tenderly since the Field Mice decided to call it a day. Human Television rank Rocketship among their influences (they may be young but they’ve done their research) and with a debut album called ‘Look Who You’re Talking To’ on general release since May it’s a wonder a fanzine hasn’t been produced to mark the event. Human Television come from Philadelphia and are led by Billy Dowling, who it seems prefers the much more aloof Billy D. moniker. ‘Front Of The House’ is an ode to C86 and Sarah Records, so frightfully twee and ravishingly resplendent in boy/girl harmonies (nice FS ‘Breet’ like guitars too). But this is no cut-price rip-off, Downing and his cohorts have injected a passion into their application that proves that what they do comes from inside. The albums artwork might seem like a Jackson Pollack/John Squire cast off, this could only be possible, however, if either of the two were living in Brooklyn and were prone to discarding their pieces to public waste bins. Now, if only Rough Trade could get their mitts on these lads. KD

Human Television – In Front Of The House

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More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Look At Who You’re Talking To [US] Look at Who You’re Talking To
Year: 2006

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