Remy Zero – Fair

It’s hard to suss whether Remy Zero still exist having broke up initially in 2003 there are indications that they are presently recording new material. ‘Save Me’ is their most well known track having being adopted as the theme tune to Smallville. The band are named after a railway worker who recorded dozens of demo tapes that somehow fell into the hands of Remo Zero lead man Shelby Tate. Much of Remy Zero’s music can be traced back to these tapes or so the story goes (and you thought the Spinto bands cracker box story was far fetched). While most appraisals of the band seem to suggest a Radiohead likeness ‘Fair’ has its sights firmly set on Damien Rice. This is fine acousticism with a great chorus that found its way on the universally colourful ‘Garden State’ soundtrack. KD

Remy Zero – Fair

More Info: Officially Dead? & Myspace
Buy Remy Zero’s: [UK] Villa Elaine [US] Villa Elaine
Year: 1998

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