Au4 – Everything Always Moving

The Wylie three (Ben, Aaron and Nathan) saw fit to look beyond the family to round off their group so turned to lifelong friend Jason Nickel to supply Au4’s elegant bass turns. The Vancouver quartets debut album ‘On: Audio’ has been 5 years in the making but its lush directions are going to keep a lot of people happy over the coming winter months. Au4’s music is a rich tapestry that cross-pollinates from the best directions of the shoegaze/dreampop/electronica movements (think Underworld, Mew, Air). As a whole ‘On: Audio’ takes a while to bed down (when it does it will make love to your ears) but there are a few moments that connect almost immediately like ‘A Mile from Here Is a Hole Where I Buried Your Love’ and ‘Everything Always Moving’. The latter is ever so soft initially before gradually metamorphosing into a fully blown (and remarkable) ode to Slowdive. But this is no second rate doppleganger, in fact at its hyperventilating zenith it is absolutely captivating and a welcome shot in the arm for the current shoegaze revival. Let those tears you’ve been holding back for years flow. KD

Au4 – Everything Always Moving

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Year: 2006

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