The Lost Patrol – Shimmy

If you thought Tap Tap was a tad left of centre then you’ll be railroaded by the country twang generated by the Big Apple’s Lost Patrol. Near stars in the far away lands of Serbia they have certainly eeked out their own niche in an increasingly homogenised market. No matter what angle I position my ears I keep hearing the Shadows on ‘Shimmy’, there is something awfully historical (or hysterical depending on the amount of LSD you’ve taken). The vocals remind of a Cocteau Twin in distress (perhaps it’s Miki from Lush lost at sea though) and tend to throw the whole piece into the realms of a Tarantino scene where blood is inevitably going to be spilt. ‘Shimmy’ is taken from the bands irreverently titled ‘Off Like A Prom Dress’ LP’ from 2002. KD

The Lost Patrol – Shimmy

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Year: 2002

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