Radical Face – Glory

You can probably blame Peter, Bjorn & John or his eminence Andrew Bird because it really seems as if whistling is making a case for inclusion in the hall of fame for the most dreamy of indie rock tools (last year it was the Glockenspiel). This time it’s Electric President’s Ben Cooper under one of his several aliases Radical Face who has pursed lips and broken hearts. His new album ‘Ghost’ (is it me or is ‘Ghost’ the word of the moment in alternative circles?) is as good if not better than last year’s self-titled EP album. As you’d expect it’s a cerebral homemade effort that is as warm hearted as the King of the good Samaritans. The beauty of the record is its ability to sound restrained while still packing an emotional punch that’ll have you clambering for the nearest headrest. ‘Glory’ is just one of many pretty tunes on offer as it provokes imaginative portholes into the sound of Sigur Ros, Magnet and even Paul Simon. Even with ‘Ghost’ about to drop Cooper is hardly whistling dixie as he retreats to the back yard to record the follow up to EP with Alex Kane. For the moment though let this hauntingly beautiful record give you a clutch of fascinating chills. KD

Radical Face – Glory

Watch The Video To EP’s Insomnia

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Ghost [US] Ghost
Year: 2007

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