RD Mauzy – Honeycut

The amount of music submissions to this site has been building for a while now. One day I may even get exasperated at the tons of hard drive I have to absorb. So often tunes rack up one play and are discarded, other times they make the half a dozen mark and are revealed as the shadowy customers that they truly are. I knew RD Mauzy’s ‘Honeycut’ (I was dreading a mock rap jump around the car park effort) was going to stick though from the very first play. RD the Milkman (if you don’t mind) bares his soul and his stripped bare arrangements press buttons I thought I had lost along with that scruffy parka all those years ago. RD is a prolific recording artist, diary scribbler and long time escapee from Lakeside, California and his eye for crafting a velcro tune has even led him to reworking a Madonna banger from 1983 called ‘Burning Up’. ‘Honeycut’ could be this years answer to ‘the JCB Song’ except that this time the cartoon characters have fangs and the not so friendly vehicle will run you over at every opportunity. Everybody singalong now ‘I Got The Shit Kicked Out Of Me……’. KD

RD Mauzy – Honeycut

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Year: 2007

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