Loner Deluxe – Snow Was Melting, Roads Were Wet

Both Loner Deluxe and Plinth are signed to the Rusted Rail net label. This association led to the southern coast of England dwellers sending some of their recordings to the west coast of Ireland inhabitant. Keith Deluxe has a laptop you see and is skilled in the art of making something magical appear from the audio-out part of his machine. ‘The Plinth Tapes’ was the offspring of the cross pollination and a charming piece of electronica it is too. ‘Snow Was Melting, Roads Were Wet’ is the opening track, a noise that could have mischievously wandered out of a Caribou session (‘Crayon’, Manitoba era). Combining trickling synth bells, scattered words of movietone wisdom and a guitar-enabled tranche of white noise is always going to prick up my ears and ‘Snow Was Melting, Roads Were Wet’ proves to be consistently rewarding. As refreshing as its subject in fact. KD

Loner Deluxe – Snow Was Melting, Roads Were Wet

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Year: 2007

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