The Kingsbury Manx – Pageant Square

This clicked straight away, not that it is immediately obvious; it just has the feeling of something special with familiarisation. Our time together has reached its second week and it is now giddily filling my head with happiness. The Kingsbury Manx have existed since 1999 and as they so eloquently put it themselves will be birthing Manx V into the world sometime this year. ‘Pageant Square’ is taken from their eponymous album of 2000 and a dainty thing it is too. Like Alfie sounded when they recorded that album that had a title that didn’t make sense this is effortless indie pop that shuffles along with the abandonment of a curious toddler. Most of all ‘Pageant Square’ is a soothing remedy for the noise that is life today. Catch some restful z’s with this as your lullaby. The Kingbury Manx are currently without a label (or a website) but their new arrival is bound to change all that. KD

The Kingsbury Manx – Pageant Square

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] The Kingsbury Manx [US] The Kingsbury Manx
Year: 2000

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