Alanalda – Always Someone Watching

First of all this Dublin band have nothing to do with movie stars or Big Brother commentators. Led by ex-Babysleg (nope, me neither) man Dermot O’Leary Alanalda have just released their debut the ‘Demonstration’ EP. ‘Always Someone Watching’ is the second and best track from the EP and initially reminded me of some early Divine Comedy endeavours. That’s probably down to Pauline Freeman’s cello parts and the general galloping momentum (c.f. ‘Tonight We Fly’). With ‘Always Someone Watching’ Alanalda could be onto something because it could snugly fit in with the Tap Tap/Beirut scene that emerged last year. All told this song is a nice departure for an Irish release and could be a lot of fun in a jam packed poky venue. Michael Knight will have to look over his shoulder. KD

Alanalda – Always Someone Watching

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Alanalda’s: Demonstration EP
Year: 2007

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  1. May 8, 2007

    I’m glad you posted this. There is very, very little music being written that actually protests about this kind of everyday stuff I get a bit depressed with the world of indie-pop a lot of the time.

  2. Anonymous
    November 29, 2008

    I just found out about Alanalda, and love that this band is finally getting back to the roots of great music. However, I’m located in the US and I unfortunately cannot seem to find their music anywhere to buy or download…any suggestions?–Moira

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