Kitchens Of Distinction – These Drinkers

So delicious awkward, so out of time, so perfect. Kitchens of Distinction are a band I’ve only recently started to discover despite a magical radio glimpse I caught of them about a decade ago. You know the occasion when you hear the tail end of a song you know could be all time favourite but annoyingly fail to catch what the title is (a similar incident involving Ultra Vivid Scene and ‘120 Minutes’ has me endlessly searching for that precious piece of audio). ‘These Drinkers’ is a b-side to the 1990 single ‘Quick As Rainbows’ (there was a c and d side also, so it’s more an EP) and is dogged taste of the swirly guitar fare of the early nineties. Perhaps it has aged a tad but there is no doubting the stellar tune behind the gothic atmosphere. Singer Patrick Fitzgerald dons his Halloween cape and is suitably surrounded by Julian Swales Cure like disintegrating chord progressions. Spooky and eccentric this should be the beginning of your journey to discover KOD. KD

Kitchens Of Distinction – These Drinkers

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Buy Album: [UK] Capsule: The Best of KOD 1988-94 [US] Capsule: The Best of KOD 1988-94
Year: 1990

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  1. May 24, 2007

    Ah brilliant. I managed to see them a couple of times here in Dublin. They did a gig in McGonagles with a band called The Donnelly Brothers in support. The Donnelly Brothers were shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite. I’ve been listening to loads of Kitchens of Distinction again lately. and The House of Love also. It’s my nostalgia thing again.

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