Super Furry Animals – Slow Life

Don’t know what it is about the Super Furry Animals. It’s patently obviously that they have talent to burn but most of the time I can’t get past their comic impenetrability. The challenge is always worthwhile if the goodies at the end are rewarding but in SFA’s case the kooky charm just tends to be a turnoff. I dropped my guard almost instantly however when the bouncy charms of ‘Slow Life’ hoved into view. This is a generous slice of scattershot genius that appeared at the end of ‘Phantom Power’. Amongst the insect like bleeps and rowdy guitar passages lies the ghost of some Hartnoll twins and what a spectacle it is trying the excavate the wheat from the chaff. Gruff Rhys plays the straight guy brilliantly as the surrounding colourful histrionics gather pace like dizzying rope-ends around a Maypole. KD

Super Furry Animals – Slow Life

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Buy Album: [UK] Phantom Power [US] Phantom Power
Year: 2003

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  1. May 8, 2007

    I heard Johnny Marr banging on about this tune in an interview. i have Phantom Power but i don’t think I’ve ever listened to this. It’s rocking.

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