The Rosebuds – Blue Bird

Before folk enthusiasts get too excited ‘Nights of the Furies’ has absolutely nothing to do with Davey Arthur and his mates whipping up a storm with several Guinness fuelled ballads. Instead it marks the return of the duo known as the Rosebuds, now on their 3rd album. It should have the summer dancefloors rocking to its beat infested contours but on a humid Sunday afternoon we’ll dip back into their back catalogue for an altogether more drowsy listen. ‘Blue Bird’ is awash with Kelly Crisp’s dreamy whoops and Ivan Howard’s more straight laced yet eminently enjoyable wordage. As your eyelids get heavy let this piece of heavenly caress you into a comfortable corner of the land of nod. KD

The Rosebuds – Blue Bird

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Year: 2007

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