They Shoot Horses Don't They? – A Place Called LA

This is as nutty a piece of pop you’ll hear this side of the next Clinic record so in that context you’ll either love it or despise it. It took a while for ‘A Place Called LA’ to leech onto my affections but from the getgo I found it near impossible to turn away a band called They Shoot Horses Don’t They? Previously the domain of a 1969 Sydney Pollack film it is now being used to sell a Vancouver 8-piece who formed in 2003. One online review portal has already called the bands new album (‘Pick Up Sticks’) headache music, rather unfair and completely missing the point. Most music given the right conditions could be superbly conducive to headache formation. Just right now I’m sure a half an hour with Joanna Newsom’s ‘Y’s’ would have me reaching for those Sunday morning wonders. As it is ‘A Place Called LA’ propels my legs at unseemly angles, thrusting limbs in directions normally associated with teenage eastern block gymnasts. A success in my book at least. KD

They Shoot Horses Don’t They? – A Place Called LA

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Year: 2007

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