Clinic – The Return of Evil Bill

No other song at the turn of the century was as wholly ambitious and wildly tailored as Clinic’s ‘The Return of Evil Bill’. Between the start/stomp momentum, haunted house melodica and Alan Blackburn’s partially stunted vocals this song still sounds possessed. Clinic notched up album number four ‘Visitations’ late last year but none have captured the intensity and rampaging ambition of their debut ‘Internal Wrangler’. Despite appearing alongside Radiohead (and upstaging them on the Irish leg of the tour) in 2000 Clinic have yet to grip the imagination outside of their devotees. Lately their ‘If You Could Read Your Mind’ has appeared on the well received ‘Hallam Foe’ movie (Juana Molina and James Yorkston also, yeeees!) so perhaps it’s not too late. And Clinic certainly have a lot of offer, their clapped out keyboard sound alone could likely have Doors/Inspiral Carpets fans in raptures (Altern 8 fans in need of a new surgical mask could also be interested). KD

Clinic – The Return of Evil Bill

Watch The Video If You Could Read Your Mind

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Buy Album: [UK] Internal Wrangler [US] Internal Wrangler
Year: 2000

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  1. September 26, 2007

    Cheers, great song, seen them support radiohead back in the “big Top” tour for Kid A. They play a mean melodica.

  2. April 9, 2008

    remember it well, outdid Radiohead I thought.

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