Efterklang – Cutting Ice To Snow

I don’t mind when the summer is over. Ok, it feels a bit odd writing about sunshine pop in late January but as far as I can see the best audio produce arrives when the days become short and cold. So to begin the season of wind and rain (and in this case ice and snow) here’s a wonderfully realised track from Danish band Efterklang’s new album ‘Parades’. Efterklang are all about atmosphere so don’t expect to be whistling ‘Cutting Ice To Snow’ on your way to work. The song recalls a host of greats including Sigur Ros, Animal Collective and even the Arcade Fire towards the end. It may take a bit of time to click but this is unspeakably beautiful music that draws a hugely impressive victory from the jaws of rampant experimention. Efterklang are coming to Dublin on the 28th of November with an 8-piece band. How they’ll negotiate the stage at Whelan’s remains to be seen, perhaps they’ll cut some wood to stage. KD

Efterklang – Cutting Ice To Snow

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Watch The Video To Swarming…wow

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Parades [US] Parades
Year: 2007

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