David Kitt – When Doves Cry

This is taken from a 2001 radio session (Today FM) so be sure to forgive the slight hiss and lack of production sheen. I’m sure you’ll look beyond this however and just marvel at David Kitt’s inspired take on the Prince tune. It came at a time when Kitt could do no wrong. His self-released debut ‘Small Moments’ had caught the attention of Blanco y Negro (Rough Trade offshoot) who went on to release his classic ‘The Big Romance’. Since then it has been a gradual decline with a failed romance robbing the boy of much of his laid back gusto. His latest ‘Not Fade Away’ is a mild return to form so Kitt’s undoubted talent may still receive a proper widescreen airing. In the meantime sit back and absorb the majestic simplicity of this fine cover. KD

David Kitt – When Doves Cry

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Year: 2006

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  1. October 3, 2007

    Nice… but ‘when doves cry’… what a title…tsk

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