Frightened Rabbit – Behave!

This picture of Frightened Rabbit is where I want to be just about now. Not location wise, more in a 40 winks state of unconsciousness way. This weekend’s insomniac tendencies are all the more annoying because I’ve nothing too worrying to occupy my mind. So in an attempt to coax the plane that’s on its way to sleepyland to land briefly on my minds runway I’ve resorted to staring at pictures of a couple of Glaswegian brothers in various states of slumber in disparate places. It’s starting to work actually, helped all the more by their audio playing in the background. Frightened Rabbit’s debut album ‘Sing The Greys’ may have been overlooked but for anyone searching for scatty melodic turns it’s hard to beat. ‘Be Less Rude’ has already been on these pages and now ‘Behave!’ makes it entrance. Acoustic and wide-eyed ‘Behave!’ gathers all the ingredients that made Alfie such a sweet shuffling wonder and adds Scott Hutchison’s meek yet utterly lovable vocals to seal the deal. Hey what’s the zebra doing on that cloud over there”¦z..z.zzzzzz”¦..

Frightened Rabbit – Behave!

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Year: 2007

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