The A-Sides – We're The Trees

Ok, enough of all this experimental malarkey. How about some straight-ahead indie rock? And on a Sunday night I like nothing better than to feast on a bowl of easy thrills, audio escapades that must take some ingenious planning on the musicians’ side but provide a front door entrance for the listener. The A-Sides are a 5 piece from Philadelphia and have just released their second album ‘Silver Storms’. ‘We’re The Trees’ touches on Teenage Fanclub in so much as the twin axis of saintly endeavour that are the sweetly tugged chords and close harmonies are both executed in the prettiest of ways imaginable. The A-Sides even see fit to include a skirting brass and a noodle at the end that gives you a chance to grab your breath after the fireworks that precede it. As unexpectedly satisfying as a falling crust that manages to land butter side up. KD

The A-Sides – We’re The Trees

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: Silver Storms
Year: 2007

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