Je Suis France – Wizard of Points

Could this be an ode to Henry Shefflin or perhaps Colm Cooper? Probably not because its makers Je Suis France are from faraway Athens (Georgia, U.S.) where hurling probably has more to do with excessive backstage drinking rather than an Irish field game. ‘Afrikan Majik’ is Je Suis France’s third album and was made with contributions from all of the bands 9 members. ‘Wizard of Points’ is something that could only have come from an eclectic bunch with their finger on the pulse of seventies prog. Naturally the thought of such a preposterous turn of events in the noughties would have many people running for their Coldplay discography but ‘Wizard of Points’ is nothing if catchy (wow, I promised myself I’d never use that word on this blog and here I stand almost 2 years down and it slips out). Catchy might be a description used by your grandmother to describe the latest local radio friendly hit but ‘Wizard of Points’ is splendidly overcooked and flightly. Imagine it would be something Daft Punk could throw together were they to ditch some of their Gallic cool. Now where are my skintight leather trousers? KD

Je Suis France – Wizard of Points

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Year: 2007

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