Super Extra Bonus Party – Softly

The musical landscape this year may have been decidedly colourless up to now but on the plus side a strong collection of artists are giving experimentation a good run for its money. A Sunny Day in Glasgow, Videohippos, Akron/Family and of course the Panda Collective (!) have provided many of the year’s brightest moments. To this group you can now add the Kildare based band of monkey’s (with the dog, koala, frog, panda, lion…) Super Extra Bonus Party. Their self-titled album is an absolute blast swinging from jangling instrumentation to gangsta rap within the space of a couple of minutes. Their expressed intention to not to dilly-dally on one particular theme is half of their charm but behind the genre jumping japery lies an inventive group of musicians. My 2 favourites are the charming instrumental ‘Propeller’ that closes the album and this absolute belter called ‘Softly’. And for a bit it lives up to its name (Sol Seppy-esque even) until it goes all Mr Hyde spinning completely out of control with a flotilla of searing chords and some heavily undulated beats. Cheers for this great tip Niall. KD

Super Extra Bonus Party – Softly

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Year: 2007

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