Condor Moments – (I Hope) Raymond (Is Still Alive)

Oh the pleasure in hearing something so utterly unique and so oddly appropriate for this ghost laden time of the year. Condor Moments are a 22 year old prospect and come from Blackpool but they could have so easily have been formed last January in an arty Berlin suburb. Unclassifiable you see, perhaps the only way I could pinpoint their sound is if Super Furry Animals were to record (Akron/Family’s) ‘Ed Is A Portal’, then shredded the master tape and put it all back together in no particular order. You see ‘(I Hope) Raymond (Is Still Alive)’ is completely bonkers. And not mad as in angry, just plain nuts, I mean this is the band who turned down J Masics (Dinosaur Jr) when he auditioned to be a guitarist with the band. Apparently the long hair dude was super distraught with the negative reaction and caused a bit of a freak scene. And you can recreate that magic moment over and over on Condor Moments brand new album, the hardly trips off your tongue, ‘And Though We’re Told We’ve Got It All, the All We’ve Got Is Freezing Cold’. If you’ve got any sense you’ll put this in your pipe and smoke it. KD

Condor Moments – (I Hope) Raymond (Is Still Alive)

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Year: 2007

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