Radical Face – Winter Is Coming

Ben Cooper is one half of Electric President but he also moonlights on his solo project Radical Face that had its inaugural (LP) release earlier this year. It is called ‘Ghost’ and anyone with a certain gra for low ebbed electronica will be sold on its charms. In fact if I’d been clever I could have waited a week and posted ‘Haunted’ and thereby given this blog the sort of topicality it so desperately lacks. But, as ever I let the music that stokes my heart rule what ultimately ends up here. And heck, with the cold days and long nights drawing close ‘Winter is Coming’ does have its foot half way in the door. The song is a driven affair, constantly changing pitch; its shifting momentum will make your heart swell, as much it will confuse your head. Lyrics swish by with the intensity of a gale while the instrument blizzard will makes driving over 20 mph a near impossibility. KD

Radical Face – Winter Is Coming

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Ghost [US] Ghost
Year: 2007

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