Slushco – Getting Through A Normal Day

Five men from Atlanta is all it took to make this 3 and a half minute wonderment. The group are collectively known as Slushco and despite having been on this earth together for over 3 years they only have 2 EP’s to show for their efforts. Further inspection reveals a quality over quantity aesthetic, dip in wherever you want in either release and you’ll be taken in by the beautiful noise on offer. Grandaddy are a close relative and following in that grand tradition Slushco aren’t scared to sandpaper their clean harmonies with fuzzy instrumentation. ‘Getting Through A Normal Day’ starts unremarkably like a Coldplay dirge and were it not for the introduction of Brian Slusher’s (see, Slush and Co.) warm vocals a couple of megabytes of honeyed noise would soon have been vaporised to the recycle bin. But, things improve drastically and ‘Getting Through A Normal Day’ quickly becomes a thing that most people could end up humming uncontrollably. KD

Slushco – Getting Through A Normal Day

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Year: 2005

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