White Shoes & The Couples Company – Tentanng Cita

For many reasons this song takes the biscuit in the naffness stakes but for some untold reason it has worked its wicked way into my affections. Giving disposability a fighting chance of reasonable longevity White Shoes & The Couples Company can’t be faulted for their endless enthusiasm. This is quite simply a song that could have been produced in any one of the last 4 decades such is its timeless take on the art of pop. Then at times it sounds like latter day Belle & Sebastian after they decided to get out of the dorm and into the sunshine. The Jakarta foursome have been together since college and were recently snapped up by the Chicago label Minty Fresh which should ensure that there are some good times ahead. The bands current album was originally released in Indonesia in 2005 and picked up a very respectable 15K sales. ‘Tentanng Cita’ has huge potential to reach a wide audience, in fact it could just be the soundtrack to trigger a thousand smiles. KD

White Shoes & The Couples Company – Tentanng Cita

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Year: 2007

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  1. March 8, 2008

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