The Sleeping Years – You And Me Against The World

Dale Grundle is probably tucked away in a long forgotten part of your heart. He was a central cog in the Catchers, an act from Northern Ireland with a gift for understated beauties. The band even swayed Richard Kirby of Nick Drake fame to do the arrangements on their second album ‘Stooping To Fit’. Alas it wasn’t meant to be and the Catchers have been inactive since 1999 (apart from a small reunion tour late last year). Grundle it seems is determined to break our hearts all over again though with his new solo project the Sleeping Years which he only initiated a few months back. And thusfar he has succeeded with the first two of a proposed trilogy of 5 track EP’s which have had limited runs of 500 and 750 apiece. ‘You and Me Against The World’ is the title track from the first release and amounts to a fragile piece of acoustic pop recorded in the singers’ own home. Intimacy on this level rarely comes along so like the previous EP’s upcoming release ‘Clocks and Clones’ should sell out in a nanosecond. Expect plenty of blogger love and tear drowned cardigans. KD

The Sleeping Years – You And Me Against The World

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Year: 2007

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  1. October 29, 2007

    it’s great how they layered acoustic guitar rhythms. great song to represent the genre.

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