The Wedding Present – Come Play With Me

In 1992 a band from Leeds called the Wedding Present equalled Elvis’s record for most hits in a calendar year. They did so by releasing 12 limited edition seven-inch singles (10,000 issued per record) which all entered the Top 30 chart and stayed there for a week. The b-sides were made up of cover versions, the most memorable being their take on the Go-Betweens ‘Cattle and Cane’. ‘Come Play With Me’ was released in May and is indicative of much of the Wedding Present’s back catalogue. Naturally for a song written by the forever unlucky in love David Gedge (based on fact much of the time) the lyrics recount a hapless relationship. The music for its part moves from quiet introspection to the Wedding Present’s signature speedily delivered and noisily dispatched chords. The Wedding Present have gone in and out of hibernation (with bouts of Cinerama and Ukrainian folk in between) since their inception in 1985 with only Gedge being a constant member. Their popularity has barely flagged over the years and they are about to embark on an exhaustive European tour that will almost take them up to Christmas. You’ll spot Gedgy at the t-shirt stall, once again providing indie d.i.y. with a real champion. KD

The Wedding Present – Come Play With Me

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Year: 1992

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