Lars Wiik & The Laughing River – There Is Nothing

The Swedish aren’t the only Scandanavian’s capable of captivating us as Lars Wiik & The Laughing River so ably prove with ‘There is Nothing’. Details are distinctly sketchy about this group of Norwegians. The latest is that the band are currently recording their debut album, up to now it seems that the only music that has surfaced has been via their myspace page. Given the amount of interaction and friend count there it seems that any concrete release should be met with feverish anticipation. ‘There is Nothing’ is uniformly acoustic, you can quite clearly hear the finger movements and it is not difficult to see how a José González audience would eagerly lap this up. Hopefully Lars is prepared for the inevitable cavalcade of trendy stateside programme makers that’ll be knocking on his door once the record is released. KD

Lars Wiik & The Laughing River – There Is Nothing

More Info: Official & Myspace
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Year: 2006

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