Blonde Redhead – Spring And By Summer Fall

Such finesse, so quick over the ground to share its uncluttered vision, a faultless triumph over mainstream’s empty gestures. Hardly surprising then that Blonde Redhead operate out of the capital of cool New York. It has been a long road for the band and their 7th album ’23’ came a full 14 years after their debut. And as you’ll hear on ‘Spring and by Summer Fall’ the band have lost none of their enthusiasm, not even wild horses (fact) could put the brakes on them on this form. And those Sonic Youth comparisons persist, something that in other hands could become an albatross but Kazu Makino and brothers Simone and Amedeo Pace have the nouse to carry it off with distinction. KD

Blonde Redhead – Spring And By Summer Fall

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Year: 2007

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