The Daysleepers – The Soft Attack

Could well be possible that if the whole shoegaze thing is alien to your ears that ‘The Soft Attack’ may sound a tad underproduced. What you’ve got to understand though is that the Daysleepers (I mean the name alone) have successfully reconvened a sound that has been reappearing in fits and starts since the early part of the century. The genre originated a full decade earlier when its prime movers Slowdive, MBV, Chapterhouse, Lush and Ride were at their peak. ‘The Soft Attack’ best bits come early on when the hazy guitars and ethereal vocals are at their most dynamic. Just listen to that swell of chords and make like its 1992 all over again. The Daysleepers are putting the final touches to their debut ‘Drowning in a Sea of Sound’ and it should finally surface later this year. KD

The Daysleepers – The Soft Attack

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Year: 2006

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