Seabird – Let Me Go On (Olaj's Let Me Go Off Mix)

Most Sunday’s I tend to settle down like most men of my advanced years with something less taxing on the stereo. An acoustic whisper or a pleasant dollop of ambient normally does the trick and serves as a calming ointment for the week ahead. Today for some reason though I have an overwhelming desire to blast some fresh beats from the speakers. So this remix of Seabird’s new tune ‘Let Me Go On’ perfectly fits the bill. Olaj whoever he is manages to sprinkle magic dust on the better sequences of the original and fills the gaps with an inspired frenzy of activity that’ll titilate those dancing toes. Seabird are a fresh faced 4-piece from Cincinnati, struggling like most new bands to get themselves heard and release their debut album. That said they have EMI on their side, which should give them a fighting chance at the very least. KD

Seabird – Let Me Go On (Olaj’s Let Me Go Off Mix)

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Year: 2008

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