Le Galaxie – We Bleed The Blood of Androids

Just when you thought electro pop was becoming so last year up steps Dublin quartet Le Galaxie to give it the requisite kick up the backside. This ain’t too far from Super Extra Bonus Party territory but Le Galaxie tend to widescreen their efforts with coarser guitar strokes. The result is a nice burst of noise, energetic and spastic one minute, precise and relaxed the next. ‘We Bleed The Blood of Androids’ manages to be about as intergalactic as the name suggests, a sodastream of audio that is bubbling with invention from start to finish. Unsigned but getting there this is one of the few genuinely exciting acts to emerge from the capital this year. Catch them before they go supernova. KD

Le Galaxie – We Bleed The Blood of Androids

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Year: 2008

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