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While Foggy Notions as a paper entity may be no more (the online version is about to hatch) that hasn’t stopped the team behind the magazine from bringing the best new music to our shores. And that endeavour builds to a crescendo next month when the Future Days Festival takes places over several nights in 2 venues in Dublin 8. The most eye-catching show has no less than 5 stellar acts performing. Dan Deacon, Jape, Deerhunter, White Williams and High Places will all be taking to the stage in Vicar Street on Saturday the 14th of June and here’s your chance to score one of three double passes to the gig. In order to be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is email us your dream gig line-up. Your choices will have to be of the up and coming variety and try and keep it to a maximum of 5. The three best selections will each win a double pass to the show. Meanwhile here are some choice tracks from Deerhunter, High Places and a superb Super Extra Bonus Party remix by Jape to get you in the mood. Exciting isn’t it. KD

Update: Congrats to Gerard Duffy, Robert Maguire and Derry Farrell who are all off to the gig with a friend.

Here is the pick of the dream line-ups from Gerard.

The not so much “Up and Coming” but coming band Children Under Hoof open with their 8 minute krautrock post post punk dirge “A Collar Can Become A Noose”, swiftly followed by 15 minutes of a vl tone busting/sax swarming/floor tom pounding improv.

As the audience’s ears ring deaf, the second act will take to the stage to unleash one song and one song only. Mary Harness is sure to win over the crowd with that Brazilian samba outro.

From one dare deviling woman to another, the mother of all Turkish Pysch-Rock Selda then plays her first Irish show. Playing flangetastic (I’m talking about her funky sound) self titled debut LP from start to finish. As she gets dragged off the stage after fainting from exhaustion, the lights fade. And the stage fills with an army of roadies putting together a smorgasbord of keyboard/pedals and strange music paraphernalia that even Jean Michel Jarre would be proud of.

The Wet Dreams take to the stage. The strobes burn retinas and the casio dg 10 drum beat gets the even the chin wankin’ hipster’s hips shaking. Finally the main man himself slides in across the stage like some American 70’s quiz show host. Patrick Kelleher and the Wet Dreams come into full flight with their “Zombie/Vampire Cop Car Chase on a hot summer night in San Fran.” sounding song “He Has To Sleep Sometime”. Their set whips the crowd up till they form peaks and other such cooking references.

Everybody’s new favourite band A Faulty Chromosome headlines. Their debut album makes even this twenty five year old curmudgeon feel like a freewheelin teenager again. Better than awesome, double Awesome.

Everybody leaves with free oxygen masks to recover from the night of deadliness!!!

Act One : Children Under Hoof
Act Two : Mary Harness
Act three : Selda
Act Four: Patrick Kelleher
Act Five : A Faulty Chromosome

Honourable Mentions.

The Bear People



Deerhunter – Hazel St.

High Places – Shared Islands

Super Extra Bonus Party – Everything Flows (Jape’s Flow)

Watch The Video To Dan Deacon’s Crystal Cat

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